Centre Builders, Inc.’s contribution to the project begins in the initial design-phase of the project. Basing our efforts on the owner’s budget goals, we work with the design team to achieve: the desired architecture within the budget goals, present options for building systems and trends in the materials market, provide solutions to construction problem, and monitor the development of the drawings. By participating in the course of design and by providing continually updated cost estimates, the foundation for a successful project is laid.

The cost for our pre-construction management services is included in our construction fee for overhead and profit. The following is a summary of all the cost and services typically included in our fee for overhead and profit:

Pre-Construction Management

1. Schematic Design Phase

  • Prepare site analysis
  • Establish cost model based on owner’s pro forma.
  • Evaluate alternate structural system.
  • Evaluate alternate exterior and interior finish materials.
  • Establish preliminary construction schedule.
  • Determine which items, such as steel, precast, elevators, etc., need to be pre-awarded in order to achieve correct sequence of construction activities.

2. Working Drawing Phase

  • Review progress of working drawings at regular team meetings.
  • Prepare preliminary cost estimate based on 25% completion
  • Review preliminary estimate on 60% completion of working drawings.
  • Update and refine preliminary construction schedule
  • Review of specified mall finish materials for cost savings.
  • Review of project specification manual for cost savings.
  • Solicit competitive bids for owner on items to be pre-awarded.

3. Guaranteed Maximum Cost

  • If required by the owner or lender, a guaranteed maximum cost proposal is submitted for the owner’s approval. This maximum price can be based on a 90% complete set of working drawings.
  • Certain owner’s allowances may need to be established due to special conditions on the project.

4. Completion of Working Drawings

  • A minimum of four (4) competitive bids will be obtained for each subcontract trade based on the completed working drawings. The owner is welcome to be in our office at bid time.
  • Copies of the subcontractor bid proposals and breakdown of work performed by Centre Builders, Inc., are submitted for the owner’s review prior to the award of subcontract.

General Field Supervision

1. All costs for office-assigned personnel project visits, transportation and expenses, except for the job site Project Manager and Superintendent
2. Projects job site reviews

Corporate Office Expense

1. Payroll, Accounting, Contract Administration, Estimating, Purchasing, general operating expenses of the corporate office
2. Time spent by corporate officers or any person at the corporate office, including Pre-construction Manager’s transportation expenses to and from meetings

Project Administration

1. Processing of shop drawings and submittals.
2. Processing of change orders
3. Processing of paperwork generated by architect and owner field and office


1. Complete scheduling services for project direction

If our proposal is within the budget and is acceptable, we then request that Centre Builders, Inc., be named as negotiated General Contractor. Should our proposal exceed the owner’s budget and acceptable revisions cannot be made to the scope of work to bring the project to within the budget, the owner has no obligation to Centre Builders, Inc., and can proceed as he wishes.